"Any woman of my age would say that they feel invisible as women. You’re ignored because you’re not old and kooky, and you’re not young and sexy. And that’s how the powers that be in casting tend to think as well, unfortunately. Emma Thompson is probably the only person I can think of who’s my age and working and she’s had to write stuff for herself."

Amanda Redman, The Guardian, 2014

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Emma Thompson for Save the Arctic.

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where u from?

Copenhagen, Denmark :)

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We need millions and millions and millions of people to say to all the governments of the world: we need to protect the arctic in perpetuity and in two words: no further.

Emma Thompson by Lord Snowdon (28 October 1992)

Did an interview and then a photo with Lord Snowdon, who was very quick and masterly. I do like him." – entry from Emma Thompson’s personal diary while shooting The Remains of the Day